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Tips For Timeless Holiday Decor

The struggle to avoid "Christmas Clutter" is REAL... lol...

Why is it that we always seem to want to PACK OUR HOUSE with red and green plaid and an old plastic Santa that smells like syrup just to feel nostalgic about Christmas' past?

We all struggle to try to make outdated decorations "fit" into our updated style when we should probably learn to say goodbye to ghosts of Christmas decor past... But if you're not ready for a total holiday overhaul, here are some of my favorite tricks to help make our homes feel more festive, timeless and well put together this holiday...


Step 1:

Anchor the decorating/color scheme on the BIGGEST piece(s) that already take up the most space in the room. These are your "focal points". We want to enhance them... not compete with them.

Answer these questions: What color is your sofa? Area rug/Carpet? How dark/light is your furniture?

Step 2:

Choose 2-3 holiday decorations that will highlight ONE of the focal points in the room. (I've chosen to use this amazing area rug from rugsUSA as the focal point here)... Swipe the image to the right to see the beautiful *and affordable* Cb2 holiday accents I'd choose to transform this area rug into a holiday staple for this living room

Step 3:

All the best holiday hot spots seem to ooze togetherness, provide a sense of warmth and allow for a opportunities to be cozy. The easiest way to add some warmth & tie any design together is with some festive colored, textured pillows and a soft, heavy, cozy, neutral throw.

(Sigh.... Now all you need is the cocoa.)

So that's all there is to it! Now, let's a look at the final mood board:

(Hard to believe it all started with a traditional style area rug, ammiright?)

I hope this was helpful and you continue to strive to transform your home to highlight who you are on the inside this holiday season and always... after all, we are truly all just a Transformation In Progress.

Happy Holidays,



Thank you for the inspiration: