Fireplace Elevation Final Draft
Every good design begins with a dream, a vision and a plan.
Demo Day 2
Floor to ceiling brick created a heavy, dark and uninviting atmosphere.
Fireplace Transformation
Doesn't this make you want to take a deep inhale already?
Bookcases Installed
so fresh and so clean clean...
Final Elevation
There's really nothing better than seeing a dream become a reality.
South Elevation
Let's not leave the other half of the room out of the conversation here. ;)
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Transformations this beautiful deserve to be shared with the world...

Breathing new life into this particular outdated space was the highlight of 2019 for KLI!

I hope seeing an idea go from drafts and dreams to a reality just never gets old. 


Check out this video to see a brief overview of the design process, application of principles and execution of a brand new vision. Truly a transformation in Progress this project is not yet complete, but beautiful just the same. 

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